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Gears of War Boltok pistol :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 297 65 Gorgon Pistol :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 200 33 Gorgon pistol detail 2 :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 109 26 Gears of War 2 Gorgon pistol 2 :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 108 44 Boomshot three quater view. :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 214 46 Gears of War Boomshot :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 76 14 GOW2 Hammer burst 2 rear :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 87 47 GOW Hammer burst 2 front :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 38 10 Gears of War Hammer Burst 2 :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 95 11 Dragon bow detail :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 26 7 Ninja Gaiden bow :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 56 15 T2 mini gun front :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 104 35 Leather face saw :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 12 4 Leather face saw 2 :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 9 0 raceing bike side view :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 11 13 RAAM Troika side view :iconoliverbrig:OliverBrig 46 4

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Super Mario World: World 1 :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 9 0 Super Metroid Title Screen :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 6 0 Jaffar's Dungeons - PoP 1989 :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 3 4 PoP 1989 - Tile test :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 0 0 Ryky COLOR CHALLENGE - ARX-DM :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 2 0 Happy 16th birthday DA :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 1 0 The Kid PoP - 1989 :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 2 0 StarCraft II Collection :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 1 1 Nintendo 3DSXL - Captain Falcon Pouch :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 1 0 Minecraft torch Lamp :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 2 6 Zelda Wind Waker sKetch :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 14 0 That fairy hat! :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 0 0 The Legend of Zelda OoT Bestiary: Blade Trap :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 3 1 The Legend of Zelda OoT Bestiary: Biri :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 3 0 The Legend of Zelda OoT Bestiary: Big Poe :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 4 1 The Legend of Zelda OoT Bestiary: Big Deku Baba :iconarx-dm:ARX-DM 2 1



Super Mario World: World 1
3D Render of SNES Super Mario World - World 1
Done in Blender

Super Mario World centers on the quest of Mario and Luigi to save Dinosaur Land from Bowser, the series' antagonist. The two brothers must travel across seven worlds to restore order to Dinosaur Land. It built on the gameplay of previous Mario games, introducing new power-ups that augment character abilities, and established conventions that were carried over to future games in the series. The game also marked the first appearance of Yoshi, Mario's dinosaur sidekick.

Super Metroid Title Screen
3D Render recreating the Title Screen of Super Metroid
Done in Blender

Super Metroid is a 2D, side-scrolling action-adventure game, which primarily takes place on the fictional planet Zebes—a large, open-ended world with areas connected by doors and elevators. The player controls Samus Aran as she searches the planet for a Metroid that was stolen by Ridley, the leader of the Space Pirates. Samus can run, jump, crouch, and fire a weapon in eight directions; she can also perform other actions, such as wall jumping—jumping from one wall to another in rapid succession to reach higher areas. The "Moon Walk" ability, named after the popular dance move of the same name, allows Samus to walk backwards while firing or charging her weapon. The heads-up display shows Samus' health, the supply mode for reserve tanks, icons that represent weapons, and an automap that shows her location and its surroundings.
Jaffar's Dungeons - PoP 1989
First room of the game Prince of Persia recreated in Blender.

Prince of Persia is my personal favorite PC game, it has easy controls and is fast paced (you just have 1 hour to complete the whole game!!). The best thing is how alive the characters look, I think it has aged incredibly well... ahhh so many childhood memories.
PoP 1989 - Tile test
Blender Cycles material & texture studies.

This time I recreated a few tiles from the game Prince of Persia and added a filter to show before/after effects.
First color challenge I've participaded on. Combined it with a light & color study, I have to say this is better than I expected at the beginning as I haven't drawn or colored something in quite a while :)

:iconryky: Thank you very much for this coloring challenge.


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Current Residence: Mexico City

Music player of choice: Walkman .... what? magnetic tapes are awesome

Favorite Quote:
Do you know what the scariest thing is? To not know your place in this world, to not know why you're here. That's - that's just an awful feeling.
Elijah Price - Unbreakable


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